Episode 008: 41,000 Hashtags | Instagram Brand Hacking | DieEpic

  • Using Instagram to Grow Virally

  • A Snapchat shoutout that generated $10s of thousands!

  • 41,000+ Brand Hashtags

Daniel Di Massa 41,000 Hashtags | Instagram Brand Hacking | DieEpic Interview Summary

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Today we got Daniel on the call, How are you Daniel?

Very good, Thanks so much for having me.

I believe you’re building a lifestyle brand on instagram. Do you want to tell us a bit about that?

Sure, I’m a hardcore adrenaline junkie and one of my issues is there is no real brand that spoke to that. So I just making shirts for myself, Dieepic.

Couple of funny stories, one included The Rock stunt double and I thought he was gonna beat me up just ‘coz he wanted to buy my shirt. That’s when the light bulb goes off; we can start making these go to charities and start a lifestyle brand.

I never wanted to sell one shirt and now it was a whirlwind, we went global on our first month. Last time, we had 41,000 people use #dieepic on instagram.  My goal is 1 million but I could care less about followers and likes.  I love the fact that this #dieepic’s full transparency it shows that people get the movement.


I think once you realize that you get some really good feedback or an event happens where you have that moment and you think that this is a really good idea. It’s really interesting.

Yeahp, definitely a wild ride. There’s and good and bad when you’re just starting out. Everyday it gets easier or harder, social media changed the game, you don’t need tv commercials anymore. You have to stay ahead of algorithms and changes and the competition but this is an amazing time to get started.


In the whole marketing thing if you’re in it these days, you have to be really be ahead of what’s coming out. You have to really know what’s going on with the social media platform, it’s almost like something new comes out every year, something completely changing.

It’s like cat and mouse game too. Instagram has done some stuff recently, as soon as we made our account a business account our outreach just shrunk. So we have to think how to get around this.


That was one of the annoying things I did with facebook. The outreach is really good with facebook pages but once they got started monetizing the whole platform, they tell facebook page owners that you have to pay to get the reach out there. I guess it was just a matter of time when they did that with instagram.

So personal pages on instagram still have a good outreach but business pages they don’t?

How it works now with the algorithm is that you need to absolutely crush it in the first 5-10 minutes. They’re not gonna open the flood gates of your content, maybe a video or a picture. Let’s see how many likes and comments you get in the first few minutes, if it does well they’ll raise up that gate a little bit more and show you more of your followers. All of a sudden you get tons of comments and people are saving and sharing it.

That is a huge contrast to what it was a year ago, when we were all crushing it. Because if they were your followers they saw your content, it was easy. So now they’re making it very tough, and it makes it more difficult for us brands and influencers. They want that money to go to instagram so that algorithm change hurt both brands and influencers, trying to hand cuff us to give instagram more money.


I’d love to know a bit of your background. Like what did you study at school, was this an idea you had a long time ago or is this something you kind of fell in to?

I’ve been a start up guy before in school I would say, like hipsters with music. I was the kid in the bad neighborhood who had multiple paper routes and I would turn that into doing household chores for my customers and throwing the paper routes. I’ve always had that entrepreneur bug, whether it’s websites or buying or selling domains or coming up with products. It’s just something that I’ve always done.


What did you enjoy about the process, is it just creating something or the money you can make about it?

It’s really hard, it’s like coming up with a few sentences and explain a religion. Yes the money is a cool part of it but that’s definitely not my thing, for me it’s the freedom and the creation. As I have mentioned even with dieepic I could care less about the money, my goal is to have 1 million people using #dieepic on their road photos when they’re out being epic. That kind of translates to the point of just having a creation.

When I first started out I had two hats made, one for myself and one I put online. Some guy paid $40 in shipping out to the Netherlands ‘coz he’s a skydiver. I live in an iconic neighborhood of South beach Miami where there’s a famous tattoo shop. I’m sitting there eating with my designer and I saw that purple hat walk by, there’s no way!

I’ve shipped it 10 thousand miles away there’s no way it’s him so I chased after him and it was the actual first hat I sold. I flipped out and took pictures.

That creation I could care less about money. In moments like that, that I get silly goose bumps as grown big tattooed man. That’s what I do it for.


So this was before the Dieepic was a brand? So you just put the logo on the hat, and you put it online and this guy purchased it?

Dieepic technically is only been around on paper for two years but as of 4-5 years ago, I found some print place online that would just let me print whatever I wanted on my shirts. Guys and girls would come up to me and ask me where did you get that? I’ll laugh it off be like I have other things that you can probably buy off me but these are my silly t-shirts, you don’t want these. But after probably 100 requests, I was alright.

I had the skill set and one of my biggest mistakes, I wasn’t chasing the easy dollar but I wasn’t doing true passion projects. I was doing things I was interested in but not a hardcore passion.

One word of advice, it’s one thing to be interested in but you gotta have a passion project that you would do for free and it will hit.


I definitely agree with that. A lot of the past things that I’ve tried that I do only for money or I’ve been kind of interested in but not really invested into it. Some stage they have been somewhat successful and led me in to a path where I’m not enjoying it or they’ve just kind of flunk in to nothingness.

I really like how you put it where you have to have  a passion project where you do it for free. That’s a really good way to evaluate what you’re working on.

I’m so amazed on social media’s free it’s almost too powerful to be free. Whatever is that you like why not create a separate instagram page for that and see how your luck is and next thing you know you can convert that to email list pretty easily or selling a t-shirt service.


How did you come up with the idea? Dieepic is actually a cool name.

It’s funny ‘coz I was always the guy who had way too many domains. I think every entrepreneurs are guilty of that. The thing with me is I was kind of the opposite.I was sitting on a million dollar idea but I didn’t want to sell it I literally was turning people down.

I had rule, if I was gonna do t-shirts ‘coz I’m never wanted to be a t-shirt guy. I said what can I do to change the t-shirt industry. I wanted all our best selling colors year round to go to charity.

All of our t-shirts and a lot of our products have a place to write a goal in. The cool part of it is our customers actually use it. We have a concussion check list ‘coz I don’t care what sport you’re in. With adrenaline junkies you have to worry about concussions, so we put a concussion check list to put in your locker, if you take a hard hit check this out, see if you should go to a doctor.

It was more of having the spark that I needed to jet fuel or motivation to turn this in to a company and it was silly things like that that made me decide to get it going.


Why do you think instagram work really well for you? Did you think it was in the product?

Good question. I looked around and did some research ‘coz I just preferred instagram at first. Instagram cuts of the noise,  and that’s why everyone likes it.

I was on twitter yesterday and it was a joke. I had to blow the dust off my twitter account just to get in, I had millions of notifications they say that 40 million of the users are bots, it’s just a nightmare.


Were you a big user of twitter back in the day?

The reason I blew it off is because a major competitor stole my logo. I twitted them yesterday and they instantly got back to me ‘coz lawyers were involved and everything. Twitter for that is really good, it’s great for messaging people and companies, but to go there and consume. It’s not instagram or facebook, but I was a big fan of it ‘coz I do mobile apps as well and it was awesome ‘coz with twitter that niche of enterprise of mobile apps that’s where they live and breathe.

For t-shirt brands instagram is the spot. There’s only one on the link, you can get amazing photos for your customers which is instant credibility. There’s the whole hashtag thing too, you can easily find your target and not to be creep but you can study them.

Instagram’s an amazing tool for brands right now.


Do you use the paid advertising platform? I know it’s new I haven’t really tested it that much and a lot of people just do the free shout outs.

I do a little bit. You can take an instagram out on both facebook and instagram but they both show on instagram. There’s this boost the post, that is 95% of the time like a slot machine. It has the worst ads but who knows maybe you’ll hit the jackpot.


Is that on instagram or facebook?

Instagram. If you’re business, the DUI changes a little bit. You’ll have big blue button like a bait every time you post, ‘hey you want to boost?’.

But it’s crazy and if you copy the same asset and put it in facebook, you have the most amazing tool to segment the population.

I’m mr. big data so one weekend I took $100 or $500 and tried shoutouts, instagram ads, automation software and compare notes. As far as followers, they came the quickest with the shoutout but they’re weren’t very targeted so what’s the point. The instagram was good but didn’t get any sales, an automation app actually did get me a sale and followers.


When you say automation, this automatically posted pictures and updated your instagram account?

I should start off with a warning. I don’t use this for dieepic of course, I have about 25 instagram accounts that I monitor because everyone wants to be reposted so we kind of ran out of room, we can’t repost 100 customers a day. So we made pages for surfers, pages for tattoo enthusiasts.

On one of those it was kind of a gray area,  its software that will like photos on your behalf. So technically you’re probably getting terms of service of instagram, so I wouldn’t do it on any account. But it was pretty powerful because if you know hashtag will be interested and gonna be ecstatic if you can reach out to them through instagram it can really pay dividends.


There’s a lot of things you can do with instagram when you explore that side of it. I was talking to some guy and he was growing an instagram page using telegram, have you heard of that?

I’ve heard of telegram but I don’t remember what it does.


Telegram is kind of like whatsapp, apparently you can join a big group on telegram where you drop your instagram page name and everyone within the group goes to the most recent post and hit like.Then instagram will see the page is doing well and puts the post on top of whatever you hashtagged in under.

We call them pods here in states, I was in one or two of those.


It’s kind of dodgy but it’s not.

I won’t say it’s dodgy, it’s more of teamwork but I got bad news. I’ve got a buddy who’s got one of the 1 million follower pages in my niche of motorcycles. He will like my photos and he gets paid for shoutouts and gets paid even to like photos.

The last month, I think they figured it out. Facebook and instagram has unlimited money and they recruit the best engineers through out the world to make sure that we can’t game these pods.

It could be a good thing, I’ve tried them I’m in one right now. I just don’t see the results from it like you used to. Instagram is not happy with influencers at all. I’ve got some insiders saying facebook is coming down pretty hard on instagram to show money ‘coz they they own instagram now.

So those pods are becoming less and less effective.


I think  at the end of the day if it’s any advertising platform or selling platform they’re gonna go the way of just moving in the direction of doing things organically.

So true. And we’ve all been through the good SCO days, you can keyword stuff then google did it, now all the social media’s doing it. What cracks me up, people get so angry at instagram and facebook for this pay-to-play. I’m a gmail user, all of your news letters go to my promotions tab and bad news I don’t ever look at the promotions tab, so even gmail is pay-to-play.

With that being said, I think facebook is gonna throw us a bone. The integration of facebook with ecommerce platform on shopify is crazy. Basically it’s forcing your customers to when they check out they get receipts served through facebook messenger and any time there’s an update. Which I think is creepy and annoying.

Way to personal isn’t it.

24/7 I have people IM-ing me like they’re my bestfriend in bed at 3 am like oh love my order, here’s a picture. With that being said it’s almost like they’re throwing us a bone because I heard, once a person facebook messages your page you can take an ad out to push them a message. Because who knows the next email newsletter can be now facebook messenger push out post.


So they have to engage with you through messenger for that to be available?

Right, so now that we know this some people are taking out ads every month different than their normal conversion. Of just taking ads out that would trigger them to like ‘hey which of this two colors do you like better, send us a message’ stuff like that ‘coz they see that wave coming.


Currently the messenger app really have a high open rate, obviously with email marketing if you’re getting 30% opened you’re doing well. If you’re getting them to open a messenger app and everyone does that because nobody likes looking at that notification number on your messenger.

Exactly, it drives me off the wall. I deleted my facebook app, I couldn’t take it anymore. Messenger is the only thing I have left and it’s becoming it’s own social media platform.


Things just keeps moving, it’s kind of a fun space as well. As personal users we can identify these changes quickly and then our marketing self kicks in and we’re like ‘oh maybe we can try this’

So true.


Did you try any other advertising methods before instagram, I know google ad words is really big but I feel like your business just suited the whole social media thing?

If people ask me if I do facebook or instagram and I say all of them. As of an hour and a half ago, there’s a monster electronic music festival here in Miami for spring break. If you were at that event you’ll see a really cool snapchat geo filter that has our logo, it says you’re living legendary, it even has a hidden promo code at the bottom. It’s crazy, you’re not allowed at the website but they let you put a promo code.

My biggest craziest month was picking on a big snapchat star (Sean); he never was too salesy or anything he just hooked our brand under his wing like his own. He did really well and he hyped it up, he wasn’t one of this people on instagram selling waist trainers or diet teas every two days. He kept wearing our shirts and saying it’s coming, I’m gonna do one big drop and that literally printed money that day.

I used to talk junk on snapchat and I kind of got egg on my face when a snapchat star put our sales through the roof.

That’s just two ways on snapchat. Reddit, I’m a degenerate redditor, I love that site.


Reddit has an interesting space, you never know how those people are gonna react to whatever you’re trying to promote, if you come up two sales they can just pick it off really quick.

People have talked really bad about their reddit ads. About two weeks ago, I found a bunch of sub reddits I knew we’d crush it in, we got couple sales and we can see how the metrics work. So I wrote to support that this is great and all but can’t you tell me which sub reddit they came from and they’re like nope. So now we have to group everything in one link. You have to segment and clone all of your ads.


I did remember a reddit ad case study, and that’s what the guy had done. He was doing a good giveaway ad, got about a thousand comments on his ad. I might share it with you, I think it would really work with your product as well..

At the end of the day he was just doing giveaway for some of his products, and the way he had done the ads he had segmented it per sub reddit, so he had made an ad campaign per sub reddit so you can individually see the performance of each one.

It is annoying some of these platforms don’t give you that capability, you have to build your own parameters with the whole google UTC links and stuff like that.

Exactly, I totally agree. In reddit watch out ‘coz they can comment on the ads and we’re known for being trolls, your product or ad better be good because you’re gonna get some nasty comments and you have to monitor it.


I remember my first hand experience on that I did a ask-me-anything thread. I had a monstrous month when I was crushing on teespring couple of years ago. I did over a $100,000 revenue on facebook advertising. So I put that on reddit ask me anything and I was happy to give people answers, I was sitting there for 24 hours and I just got the most hateful comment straight away and they were upvoted  so all the new people would just straight away see this top comment saying ‘you just want to link people to your blog’. It was just really annoying.

It’s such a nasty hateful place, it cracks me up ‘coz they hate t-shirt companies. I’ve been trying to think about this, how do I an AMA saying I have a blog starting t-shirt companies, that it all entrepreneur’s worst nightmare, what can I do to try to save that ‘coz if I could pull that off I could sell anything.


How do you manage so many marketing places? For me I’m focusing on facebook it just takes so much of my effort if I want to do it right. If want to add a new platform in the mix it’s a whole new learning curve for me to break into that. Is it just you that works on all these?

I’m literally behind an 8 monitor computer. I always tell people don’t be scared I built dieepic using a $130 chrome book. What I do is I have an affiliate program, I found a way to track UTMs  and everything through this one affiliate tool. That’s the sanity check. Coming from the mobile app world, everyone does two weeks sprint and I think that’s the key. Then if it doesn’t work then on to the next thing. That’s how I stay sane, I only have one main dashboard that tracks everything for me and every two weeks I check what’s working, if it’s not kill it off and it is, great, how do you scale it.

This year for me it’s gonna be all testing so it’ll kind of suck but by 2018 I have probably figured everything out and that’s gonna be deadly.


Yeah, but I guess by then there’ll be another new set of different social media platforms doing different things.

I’ll roll with the punches.


Even snapchat, for me it has always been a personal app that I’ve used to engage with my friends, it’s just one those things you use when you’re doing something funny during the day and send it to your friends. But for an advertising platform I feel like they just haven’t figured it out yet, how to make money from it. People messaging me way too much, it was way too personal for me.

Thanks to that one gentleman Sean, I have dealt with and hanged out with a lot of their top influencers  in snapchat. Their thing now that they’re crushing with, completely different business model, they do a second snapchat which is private and they call it pay-per-view. This is disrupting not only cable networks but snapchat too.

Basically they’ll make a hidden name then they’ll use shopify, you pay them, some recurring some are not. Once you’re paid, they’ll then give you their username and then they’ll add you.


Very interesting, I like how people testing different things out, the pay-per-view in interesting. 

Snapchat is only 9 seconds per recording right, so the whole pay-per-view thing I’m trying to figure out how they’re doing it.

If you do this for a living and bring in few hundred grand from snapchat, trust me you can find ways around it. Some of them are using devices that can actually go 15 secs it gets a little choppy. But I love it, because if it is a boring part I just tap the screen. As crazy as that sounds it actually is kinda cool, keeps it quick, relevant, on point, skip to the next one that’s to do the 3 second attention span of us millenials.


Yeah, if you remember facebook when it first started there’s a lot of people posting status updates, now it’s just pictures or memes you can barely see big walls of texts of articles.

Yeah, I always said we’re getting dumber and dumber we’re gonna revert to hieroglyphics and every year we get closer to it. So I’m waiting til emojis are the new official language of the world and talk in memes.


I remember when I was young my dad would get me to practice my handwriting. Back in the day communication used to be purely by your handwriting. But now my hand writing’s bad now ‘coz we don’t use it and you’re right it might just move on to something else.

There is some good to it coz when I travel emojis are international; I will say our language is kind of barbaric if it only work in 10 mile radius.


Let’s talk about instagram. What are the things to do right on instagram?

You want to be a storyteller; your customers will always be a better salesman than you. Your brand should stand for something. If it doesn’t, get out of the industry. Whatever that story is, if your customers are telling it, it’s gonna be ten times more important. So if you just sit there, and blab on, and too spammy in every other post says “hey buy this shirt buy buy buy”. The reason I know how it works is actually I get DMs every once in a while where people are like “hey, where do you buy these shirts at?”. It cracks me up that people see pictures o of dieepic and don’t even know were a t-shirt brand and that’s why were doing well coz we’re not spamming.

Try not to do a hard sales pitch.

Storytelling for me was a big thing to realize ‘coz I was in the business just testing shit on facebook pretty much just turning to different designs. I would just throw out 10 different designs every single day, put 5 or 10 dollars to it and see which one is picked up. But I wasn’t really creating a brand. I was just selling what was hot at the time.

So, storytelling for me was an eyeopener because I wanna start a blog and start to make videos. I just started to watch The Prophet, the guy there Marcus Lemonis I think his name is, he makes it a point with every business to kind of bring out the personality of the person behind the brand.

Once people start to connect with you and your business and start to look forward to your posts, you got a whole different customer.

Absolutely true. And you gotta stick with that too, even our tone hasn’t changed. There was an accident last week and luckily no one was hurt but I kept my silly tone and sent an email showing not to take life too seriously.


You definitely have to have some emotion behind the brand too. Fun and all that stuff.

You’re probably familiar with Noah Keagan.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Noah Keagan, he taught me a lot.

He’s the one that broke knee of being so professionals with my emails. I love his emails, they were silly, they were short. And that works and I’m glad that’s the new trend now.


What’s he up to these days?

He went viral about a week ago. They bought sumo.com for $1.5 million. In his vlog post came out and said he just bought a $1.5 million domain name. It was really cool.


His kind of methodology and validation, the amount of action he takes was what really separated him from the other entrepreneurs I was watching at that time. He kinda taught me to bring the customers first or drive some traffic and just put concept out there, see how they respond and then see whether you got a business idea or not.

Yeah absolutely. It also depends on how you’re motivated too.


Do you find that you ought to be a certain type of character to be good at business? Or can you train yourself for it?

It’s hard to say, some people are finance experts and can’t hold a conversation with you but they made millions coz they’re just good at what they do. Other people, they failed school but they can sell. With dieepic I don’t do anything, I have an amazing graffiti artist, I’m nothing. I’m the one that brings it all together and executes. I really think it’s your heart, my neighborhood proves it. You don’t have to have a certain characteristic to crush it, it’s who’s to put that extra work in, the extra hours with passion.


At the end of the day it comes down to relentless effort, appearing everyday and just trying something out.

There’s a famous entrepreneur that wrote a book, that says do 3 things everyday with your business, if ever you get stuck with the everyday stuff, try 3 unique things to grow your business. That whole mindset of never staying still, you have a good day? what, you celebrate in a bar? No, keep hustling even in a bad day.


Whenever you’re in a business that’s what to do, coz it’s not that your business is stagnating but your learning is stagnating from doing the same thing over and over again everyday.


Let’s jump back to instagram, what are your don’ts?

I always recommend having a second instagram account and don’t test anything on your main instagram account like I said I don’t test anything on dieepic. That’s really important. I like having multiple instagram account.


It is interesting how the word dieepic really hits the spot with everyone that’s kind of an adrenaline junkie, no matter what sports they’re in.

That’s the weird thing though, I gotta broader and think comfort zone. Because I saw people who are trying to be top chef, which is a popular tv show, they wore our shirts and huge fans of the brand and it pumped them up. And I saw someone who was wearing dieepic shirt underneath their suit before for their first public speaking gig, they were like “we’ve done a lot stuff before but public speaking really scares us, the fact that we can wear a shirt as ballsy as yours right at the goal spot and crush it..” That’s when my jaw dropped, I thought it would just be mma fighters, skydivers who’ll buy our product but also people who just want to be out of their comfort zone or tired of the normal also buy our products.


Yeah, I guess it’s up to the customers to tell you who wears it, how much they like it.

That’s so true. I don’t define my website, I’m very vague about because it means something different to everybody and who the hell am I to decide. I’d like to see what people’s stories are.


I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes that some people at the start do, they try and create the product based on what they want, they don’t really let the customer tell them the feedback and do not customize the product for the customers.

So true.

I thought of another do-not-do. I am not a fan of people who come to you for paid shoutouts. Like they want to feature one of your pictures or page and they want money for it. Avoid that like the plague.

What you want are ambassadors or influencers who wears or uses your product and speaks highly of it more than once.


What’s been your best marketing day? Where you’ve done a shoutout or a particular influencer has blown it out of the park.

That gentleman Sean. I’m not trying to make fun of him but when this happened he was snapchatting 24/7, and he was crying 7 minutes in, we’re talking insane amounts of money and we were both freaking out. This is not just because he’s an influencer but he loved the brand and took it under his wing.

He played his cards right, he didn’t spam, he’s not a hardcore sales pitcher. His followers loved him so much and they were dying for him to sell something and he literally could sell rocks.

It’s crazy coz it started by me sending just a random IM to some random kid from my highschool who had a bunch of followers. We had the same friends, we built a good relationship.


How do you actually go about finding a snapchat influencer? 

That’s a good question. I don’t want to throw it back it instagram but with instagram it’s easy. There’s a million software tools out there that would charge you $29 a month to find them. If you can’t them very easily in your niche, don’t give the platform any money, don’t give the influencer any money.

For snapchat it’s almost the same; if your friends aren’t buzzing about them, I mean I would just kind to see where it’s headed based on what my friends talk about. Youtube stars also has a snapchat so it won’t be really hard to find them. Also, do it organically and the good news is they’re in all the platforms so if you find them on one you can link it back to their snapchat.

For youtube I am testing out that famedit.com only because youtube a little bit different than those others guys, it’s almost more businessy than the silly social media sites.


It is interesting that all these platforms work differently and you gotta work out your own way of doing it; there’s just so much testing.

You always got to be testing.


We’ve talked about the don’ts, let’s talk about the dos, whatever you feel that you’ve done right.

The thing that I’ve discovered early on, people really like being reposted. Even if they’re not in your gear or having your product. You can start relationship with these people, maybe give them a promo code or give them a free sticker. That started a lot of relationship for us.

Make sure you post at the best time, there’s ton of tools out there to see when the best time to post a photo. 

If you don’t have content, it’s not the end of the world. Do it right, ask for persmission, make sure you correctly repost them. 


I think it’s the whole value exchange thing like you give them the value first and they’re all ears to help you out.


I think if instagram does want to monetize itself, they do have to make their images or posts or content more friendly to clicking people off the platform. There’s nothing really on the post itself to take you away to a website that you prefer them to go to.

Exactly, as a marketer and a brand you gotta be on point about the photo, the copy or the text to trigger them.


Content management, you mentioned that you don’t really keep it salesy. How do you manage contents on your page? Quotes, pictures or actual people send you their own picture and posting it on your instagram page?

If you’re a skydiver and you believe in the brand, you have our shirt on and you go skydiving with a gopro, you go make a really sick video and your goal is to get it to dieepic. And then your dive buddies gets a little competitive or a motorcycle guy who wants to be featured does the same thing on his weekend. I’m kind of lucky that these guys do amazing photos.


What direction do you reckon the business is going? In the next couple of years where do you find dieepic going, or you’re just kind of working on that goal of yours to get a million hashtags?

It definitely is the million hashtags. I haven’t told a soul about this but if you check amazon prime in the states right now you actually can buy a couple of our shirts and have it in two days, so I want to try that out.

We do a lot of international so I want it to go to amazaon UK, if amazong US works out.

I’m also working on a catalog to start trying whole sale.


Do you find yourself working on a project and there’s a lot of love towards that project at the start but then you feel motivated to start something else.

It depends on if things are going well and it’s fun and growing and you see results then you can stay focused. Yes, I have a bad tendency so most people have a road map of where I want to be by the end of 2017. Some people do these road maps because that’s like their goal to hit, I do this to keep my blinders on.


That’s the  great thing about business that each business that “fails”  you kind of learn something big from it that you can apply it to the next one. I know a lot of people that would start with some kind of project and they give up on the project because they put their work out there and don’t get the result they think they’re going to get and they deem themselves to be a failure and not fit for business.

But we fail more times than we succeed that it’s just part of the process right?

Absolutely, I don’t even hang out with a single person who has never failed. Honestly I have failures that I will light up, so happy and proud of more than my successes.

I keep joking that start ups are cool now, but 5-6 years ago whenever you fail with your business no one supported you, not even your family. Now we have these motivational speakers sharing their failures and now it’s ok to be proud of your failures.


I like how entrepreneurs are bringing it to light, back in the day there’s all these ebooks and courses being sold on how to make money and people following always feel like these are the targets that you should be hitting straight away.

I felt that exact issue when I went into entrepreneurship four years ago, I quit my job and jump right into making money from business and obviously wasn’t doing good for the first year. And I had not much support from family and friends. They don’t really understand like my parents are Indian, they’re quite cultural; the whole culture in India is really to be good with your studies, almost perfect, you wanna be hitting 100% if you hit 98% they’ll ask you where the other 2% went.

I bet they’re really proud of you now though.


As long as I’m making money. You kind of got to prove it yourself and it’s eye opening to some people too. 

Yeah it’s crazy. You either have that go get em, out to conquer the world by yourself, it’s not about how much money you have, it’s that mind set.


Any last resources you have that people might be able to learn about the whole lifestyle creation?

I always tell people don’t go to dieepic.com, don’t go to @dieepic, but if ever you’re curious check out #dieepic coz I can’t control that, with 41,000 posts.

Just something to look out there, you can look at #dieepictattoos, there is way too many tattoos of our logo on people out there.

Checkout this website teeacher.com. I’m keeping it extremely free.


Awesome. Thanks for being on the show, we’ve covered a lot of good stuff.

Cool, thank you so much if you ever need anything else, give us a holler.

Stay epic buddy!

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